UBASIC for IBM-PC version 8.8f

  UBASIC is a BASIC interpreter with multiprecision arithmetic,
  UBASIC is a free software written by Yuji KIDA at Rikkyo University
  in Japan(kida@rkmath.rikkyo.ac.jp),
  If the line is very thin and hard to download via FTP, send me
  an file list selected below.

haber    zip  b   31150  961014  Tutorial by Seymour Haber
ubmalm   zip  b   34303  940623  number theory programs by D.Malm
ubiapl96 zip  b  124896  970504  applications until 1996
ubgraph  zip  b   82654  970504  graphic applications
ubhelp   zip  b   58345  970524  help files
ub16i88f zip  b  107959  001007  main exec file(16bit)
ub32i88f zip  b  108448  001007  main exec file(32bit)
ubc88f   zip  b  106719  001007  main exec file(CGA)