Internet Service Providers in Cleveland

Note: please make sure you know all the charges that you will be billed for to avoid surprises. Some charge aggressively for prime time usage, internet e-mail, on-line storage, usage over a set amount, premium services, and so on, plus any one-time setup charges.

Note: don't be surprised if some popular services are hard to connect to during prime time. Try dialing up their local access number during the hours you would be likely to use it to confirm this.

Note: this list is not an endorsement of any particular service and is incomplete and unverified. Also, I no longer actively maintain it. Sorry.

APK Net, Ltd. is a local service founded by Zbigniew Tyrlik located in the Keith building. It is a full service provider for business and individuals. Coverage information and its history is available.
ExchangeNet is now a company. It was founded by Michael Krause and located in the Keith building. It is a full service provider for business and individuals. Coverage information is available. The voice number is 216-615-9400.
Multiverse is a local service located in downtown Cleveland. It offers a SLIP/PPP, leased and ISDN lines. The data number is 216-664-6776 and the voice number is 216-344-3080.
New Age Consulting Service is a local service started by Gregory Boehnlein. They offer shell and SLIP/PPP accounts, leased lines, and other services. Data number is 216-619-2015 and 24 hour voice hotline is 216-524-8414.
Integrity Online
Integrity Online Cleveland is part of a national service that serves Northeast Ohio with a range of Internet services including domain hosting and connectivity. The voice number is 888-735-5336.
OhioOnline, Inc. is a local service located in the Keith building and Columbus. They provide connectivity service to business but no residential dial-up. They also provide website and network development services. The voice number is 216-522-1818.
Now Online
Now Online, Inc. was a local service started by Jeffrey Williams located in the Keith building. They offer an online service as well as internet access with personal web pages in many states. The data number is 216-377-9079 and voice number is 216-263-1600.
CoreComm Internet Group (formerly Stratos) was a local service provider located in the Keith building. They offer dialup, ISDN, 56k, T1 thru OC3 lines, co-location, web design and hosting services in many states. Voice number is 216-902-4330.
GWIS is a local service provided by Gateway to Internet Services located in Hudson. Shell and PPP access to Cleveland and Akron. Voice phone is 216-656-5511 for Cleveland and 216-342-3922 for Akron. Data is 216-656-5151 for Cleveland and 216-342-3535 for Akron.
interAX by Acme Express is a local service provider located in Cleveland. Users use PPP to connect to their server. Voice phone is 216-391-7400.
Access Link Communications
Access Link Communications On-Line Internet Services is a local service provider located in Lakewood. Voice phone is 216-521-LINK.
RMRC, Ltd.
RMRC is a local service provider located in Willoughby run by Tom Knittel whose service area is Cuyahoga and most of Lake counties. Provides, SLIP, PPP and ISDN connections. Voice phone is 216-269-3839.
Rampant, Inc.
Rampant is a local service provider located in Independence run by Robert Scott. Services include name registration, web page and server setup, and CD-ROM creation. Voice phone is 216-524-5577.
Quik Internet of SWC
Quik Internet is a franchise service provider. The one located in Parma is run by Todd A. Bobka. They have a wide range of services available. Voice phone is 216-635-0821.
Mango Bay Communications
Mango Bay Communications is a local service provider located in Cleveland. They offer 56K X2 Dial-up, web hosting and design, and more. They have POPs in Cleveland and Akron. Voice phone is 440-888-7768.
NCCW Online is a local service provider located in Beachwood. They offer dialups and web hosting. The POPs are in Cleveland area. Voice phone is 216-763-0251.
NetRamp Express
NetRamp Express is a local service and presence provider located in Cuyahoga Falls. Services include dial-up and ISDN, web design and hosting for residential and commercial customers. Voice phone 330-923-0762 or 888-923-0762.
LightStream Internet, Inc
LightStream Internet is a local service provided located in Mentor. Services include shell, SLIP, PPP, FTP, WWW, ISDN, 56-T1. Voice phone is 216-269-2352 or 1-800-345-0175.
Cybersets, Inc
Cybersets, Inc. is a full service Internet provider located in Avon Lake affiliated with North Coast Computers. Services include flat rate Internet access plus webspace for individuals and business. Voice phone is 216-741-2441 for Cleveland and 216-930-5117 for Lorain.
ESC Internet Serivces
ESC Internet Services in Elyria is a full service ISP for both residents and businesses. They offer DSL and dial-up. Dial-up starts at $9.95/month with unlimited access, 5 FREE email addresses, 10MB of web space, 24/7 customer support, and free web mail. The company has been in business for 20 years and has been an ISP for 8 years. Voice phone is 440-322-7300.
OARnet is an Ohio service provider. It provides dialup, ISDN, or leased line connections. It allows you to become an internet node. The voice number is 614-728-8100 or 1-800-627-8101.

National Providers

The national ISP field has expanded dramatically with the growth of the net and the web. I have only listed some of the major providers so don't be surprised if your favorite is not listed.
America Online is the biggest service provider in the world at over 22 million users. They provide content as well as access to the net. Their access software runs on Windows and Macintosh.
Earthlink (Mindspring) is a national service provider including Canada and UK. It acquired Netcom. They have a large POP network and provide many services to individuals and businesses.
Verizon Communications acquired GTE Intelligent Network Services. It has nation-wide POP system and a wide range of options from dial-up to dedicated. The local data number is 216-902-4858 or 330-761-4531 in Akron. There is a 1-800-927-3000 voice number.
AT&T WorldNet is a service of AT&T. They are expanding rapidly to provide for home or business access with special rates for AT&T long distance users. There is a 1-800-967-5363 voice number.
Verio, Inc. provides a wide variety of internet connectivity services to businesses and institutions, including dial-up and web hosting. Voice number is 216-523-2600 or 1-800-466-0088.
XO Communications (CNC) is in the business of connecting people and information. They have a full variety of Internet services. The local data number of 216-524-1498 or 330-376-7996 in Akron. There is a 1-800-939-4262 voice number.
PSINet is a service of PSI with hundreds of POPs in the USA and worldwide. They concentrate on corporate customers. There is a 1-800-395-1056 voice number.
CompuServe Interactive Services, Inc. is a worldwide service provider with over two million members in over 100 countries. The original online service is now a subsidiary of AOL. They have a lot of business oriented features which are billed by usage.
Genie Online Services is owned by Yovelle Renaissance Corporation. Genie is a commercial on-line service provider. It provides a lot of business oriented features with many RoundTables.
Prodigy Internet is a service of Prodigy Communications Corporation. This service is separate from the Prodigy Classic on-line service which was an early joint project of IBM and Sears but is now independent and plans to go public.
IBM Internet Connection Services is a service of IBM available in over 50 countries allowing Internet connections from almost anywhere in the world.
MSN.COM is a service of Microsoft best viewed with Internet Explorer.
The WELL from Whole Earth Networks has hundreds of active on-line conferences. This is one of the oldest networks and still running. There are about 300 local access points including several in Ohio. Services include e-mail and webspace and domain services.
E-Guys is a private national ISP headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. They have local dial-ups in over 5000 cities and some international ones. Services include e-mail and personal website hosting.
Allegiance Telecom
Allegiance Telecom was founded in order to provide Dedicated Internet Access to businesses in all Metro areas including Cleveland, OH. Allegiance provides dedicated T1 up to OC3 service as well as Integrated voice and data services over a single T1 to reduce cost. 216-503-2022
Mpower Communications Corporation is a facilities-based CLEC and ISP covering 27 various markets throughout the USA. Providing an integrated bundle of broadband data and voice communications services through our broadband DSL and T-1 service delivery platforms. Mpower delivers a full range of telephony, highspeed data, internet access and web hosting solutions. 216-986-0729
Comments and corrections very welcome. You may be interested in a list of providers for the 216 area code or the several lists noted in the Internet Access Providers Meta-List. Please note my Cleveland Area Servers list.
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