Cleveland Vision & AI Lab

Cleveland Vision & AI Lab


Dr. Hongkai Yu

PhD students

Huiming Sun
Jin Ma
Jinlong Li
Ziyi Zhang*

*: part-time

MS students

Emre Hatay
Maaz Khan

Undergraduate students

Quang Nguyen


1. Dr. Xiao Lin, Research Associate, 09/2018-11/2018, First Employment: Research Scientist for autonomous driving, GAC R&D Center, Sunnyvale, CA.
2. Humberto Saenz, M.S. student, 08/2018-12/2019, Thesis: Detecting phone-related pedestrian distracted behaviors via a two-branch convolutional neural network, First Employment: Software Develop Engineer, Automation Solutions, Houston, TX.
3. Andrew Chen, M.S. student, 08/2018-12/2019, Thesis: Learning to detect pedestrians by watching videos, First Employment: Software Develop Engineer, EXXON Mobil, Houston, TX.
4. Kevin Eastin, B.S. student, 2018-2019, First Employment: Software Develop Engineer, General Motors, Austin, TX.
5. Lai Wei, visiting B.S. student from Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, 2019 Fall. First Employment: MS student in Computer Science, University of South Carolina.
6. Abhijit Baul, co-advised M.S. student, 2019-2021, Thesis: Learning to detect pedestrian flow via synthetic data. First Employment: PhD student in Computer Science, University of Houston.
7. Dr. Shaoyue Song, co-advised PhD student from Beijing Jiaotong University, 2018-2021, Dissertation: Knowledge transfer-based image scene and object information extraction method, First Employment: Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Beijing University of Technology.