Department of Computer and Information Science

Global E-Commerce Certificate Program

Berufsakademie in Heidenheim, Germany

in Germany and the U.S.

Spring Semester 2009 - Earn 13 credits

The Multi-National E-Commerce certificate program is being offered to students in the College of Business Administration in cooperation with our Partner University Berufsakademie, Heidenheim in Germany.

  • Enjoy sightseeing tours to places such as Berlin and Munich
  • Earn the Global E-Commerce Certificate and earn credits towards your Business degree

Courses Required

The certificate requires you to complete 4 business courses that count towards your Bachelor or Master of Business Administration degree. These courses include:

  • Electronic Business (held in Heidenheim, Germany from January 2-19, 2009)
  • Customer Relationship Management (offered via Interactive Video Conference to Germany and Chile from CSU during January-May 2009)
  • Global Supply Chain Management (offered via Interactive Video Conference to Germany and Chile from CSU during from January-May 2009)
  • Business Strategy (held in Cleveland from June 15-30, 2009)

You will also be assigned to international project teams and will complete a sponsored project. This project will count towards the Business Strategy class.


The approximate cost for this program is $1940 plus applicable CSU tuition. The cost may vary slightly based on exchange rates and airfare. Participants receive a scholarship of $1000 towards traveling expenses from the Nance College of Business Administration. Students should budget additional money for meals and incidentals. The price includes:

  • Round trip air fare to Germany
  • Lodging
  • Daily breakfast
  • Local transportation
  • Transportation and lodging during organized sight-seeing trips
  • International Student ID card


Students will stay in youth hostels while in Germany.


Students must be in good academic standing with a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average for undergraduate students and a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average for graduate students. Undergraduates must have at least a Junior status and be eligible to take upper division business courses.

Tentative Agenda / Schedule (for Spring 2009)

January 2-19 in Heidenheim, Germany
Jan. 2 Depart Cleveland
Jan. 3 Arrive Heidenheim
Jan. 4 Sightseeing in Heidenheim
Jan. 5-8 Class (Heidenheim)
Jan. 9-11 Weekend trip to Munich
Jan. 12-16 Class (Heidenheim)
Jan. 16 Depart to Berlin
Jan. 17-18 Sightseeing in Berlin
Jan.19 Depart Germany

January 26 - May 6 (Interactive Video Conference)

Customer Relationship Management

Jan. 26 - May 6, M/W from 11:00 a.m. - 12:50 a.m.

Supply Chain Management

Jan. 27 - April 9, T/Th from 11:00 a.m. - 12:50 a.m.

June 15-30 in Cleveland
June 15-18 Class (Cleveland)
June 19-21 Sightseeing in Cleveland
June 22-25 Class (Cleveland)
June 26-28 Free time
June 29 Class (Cleveland)
June 30 Final exam, project presentation, and awards ceremony

More Information

Please note that the application deadline for this program was September 30, 2008. For more information, please contact contact:

Dr. Thomas W. Whipple
BU 460


Global Business Center
BU 327