Department of Computer and Information Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science (BSCIS)

The BSCIS is the University's degree program in Computer Science. It is designed to prepare the student for either a professional career which uses the theory and practice of computing or for graduate work in computer science.

The BSCIS program provides the student with a strong foundation in computer science. The curriculum reflects current computing trends and incorporates current topics to enable a CIS graduate to be competitive in the marketplace. Because of the broad range of research interests of the faculty, there are numerous opportunities for students to participate in special projects or research in computer science-related areas.


Two tracks are offered under the BSCIS degree:

Computer & Information Science (CIS)

The CIS track is designed for students interested in incorporating an application area in their degree program. An application area is chosen as a concentration outside of Computer and Information Science.

Computer Science (CSC)

The CSC track is designed for students interested in theoretical and quantitative foundations of CS. This track also offers a strong preparation to students planning to pursue graduate study.

BSCIS Admission Requirements

Students may declare CIS as their major as soon as they have met the program’s admission requirements:

  • A 2.0 grade point average overall.
  • A grade of C or better in MTH 181, or an average of C+ in MTH 148-149.
  • A grade of C+ or better in CIS 260.
  • Submit an official Declaration of Major form in the Office of Undergraduate Advising, BU 219.