Department of Computer and Information Science

Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems

The Information Systems Major (IS) in the BBA degree program prepares students for careers in information systems by focusing on the use of current information technology within the context of an organization. Information Systems as an academic discipline encompasses two broad areas:

  • acquisition, deployment, and management of Information Technology (IT) resources and services
  • development of IS infrastructure to support the organization’s processes
  • development of business-oriented application software

Graduates of the IS major will have combined preparation in business core courses and applied computing. They will not only have the necessary managerial skills to solve business problems in functional areas, but also technical knowledge to develop and support information systems of any scope.

Requirements for Admission to Major

Major Requirements

A BBA degree-seeking student is required to complete a minimum of 128 credit hours which includes University, College, and the major requirements. Following the recommended sequence outlined below provides a balanced workload and ensures that you will have the proper prerequisites and knowledge for maximum benefit from these courses.

BBAIS Business Courses

The following courses are not counted in the IST major, but are required courses for all business majors:

IST Core Courses

These are the required courses:

  • IST 203 Software Tools for Personal Productivity
  • IST 211 Fundamentals of Systems Development
  • IST 221 Information Systems in the Organization
  • IST 311 Systems Development for the Organization
  • IST 321 Systems Analysis Methods
  • IST 331 Design and Implementation of DBMS
  • IST 341 Networks and Telecommunications
  • IST 420 Project Management
  • IST 465 Enterprise Integration Systems

IST Electives

A minimum of ten semester hours of IST electives:

  • IST 410 Object-Oriented Programming for Information Systems
  • IST 430 Knowledge Management
  • IST 440 Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems
  • IST 445 Information System Security
  • IST 450 Web-Based Programming
  • IST 461 Electronic Business
  • IST 462 Business Process Modeling and Design
  • IST 470 Managing IT Infrastructure
  • IST 490 Professional Internship
  • IST 493 Special Topics in Information Systems
  • IST 496 Independent Study

Additional Requirements

  • All IST courses must be passed with a grade of "C" or better.
  • Any IST course taken without prior satisfactory completion of all catalog prerequisite courses will not be counted towards fulfillment of graduation requirements.

Recommended Program for Information Systems Majors

First Semester Credits
ENG 101 English I 3
MTH 148 Math for Business Majors I1 4
Natural Science with lab2 4
BUS 101 Intro to University Life3 1
BUS 151 Intro to World of Business 3
Total 15
Second Semester Credits
ENG 102 English II 3
MTH 149 Math for Business Majors II1 4
ECN 201 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Social Diversity2 3
IST 203 Software Tools 3
Total 16
Third Semester Credits
IST 211 Fundamentals of System Development 4
ACT 221 Intro to Accounting I 3
ECN 202 Principles of Microeconomics 3
OSM 201 Business Statistics I 3
GAD 250 Business Communication (W) 3
Total 16
Fourth Semester Credits
Arts & Humanities2 3
ACT 222 Intro to Accounting II 3
OSM 202 Business Statistics II 3
Natural Science2 3
IST 221 Information Systems in the Organization 3
Total 15
Fifth Semester Credits
MKT 301 Intro to Marketing 3
ECN 302 Intermediate Microeconomics 3
IST 311 Systems Development for the Organization 4
IST 321 Systems Analysis Methods 4
MKT 351 Business, Society, & Government (W)
OR BLW 411 Business Law & Ethics (W)
Total 17
Sixth Semester Credits
Arts & Humanities2 3
MLR 321 Organizational Behavior 3
OSM 311 Introduction to Operations Management 3
IST 331 Design & Implementation of DBMS 4
IST 341 Networks and Telecommunications 4
Total 17
Seventh Semester Credits
FIN 351 Intro to Financial Management 4
IST Elective 4
IST Elective 3
Business Elective 3
Social Science2 3
Total 17
Eighth Semester Credits
MLR 465 Management Strategy & Policy (W) 3
IST 420 Software Project Management 4
IST 465 Enterprise Integration Systems 3
IST Elective 3
Social Diversity2 3
Total 16

1 The Analytical Geometry and Calculus sequence (MTH 181-182) may be substituted for Math for Business Majors (MTH 148-149).
2 Before choosing electives, you should consult with an academic advisor.
3 BUS 101 is not required of transfer students.
(W) Counts as a writing course for university graduation requirements (if taken at Cleveland State University).

*Please note: This sample program of study is intended to give you a general sense of the requirements associated with the Bachelor of Business Administration; this sample course of study is not valid for the Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science. Actual sequencing and credit hours of courses may vary, depending on the major. In all instances, the minimum number of credit hours required for graduation is 128.


The faculty in the department have a wide range of research interests and offer students the opportunity to work closely with them on exciting and challenging research projects. Many CIS Department faculty members are active in professional organizations. In addition, each IS major is assigned a faculty advisor who will help them tailor to their studies to prepare for a career in their area of interest.

Internships and Co-op’s

Internships are available through the department of Computer & Information Science. Cooperative education opportunities are available through Career Services Office at 216.687.2233.

Financial Assistance

Scholarships, grants, loans, work-study, and part-time employment are just some of the ways you can help pay for college costs at CSU. For more information on financing your education, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 216.687.3764, or by email at: